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    Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans

    "Peak Performance Consulting Group helped us develop our strategic plans. Their work was very insightful, and they continued to offer helpful recommendations long after the engagement was complete."
    CEO, Community Bank

    The business world is changing more rapidly than ever. New competition. New technology. New regulations. Higher customer and investor expectations. CEOs are being asked to respond quickly to new and uncertain conditions.

    The most effective organizations don't just identify and fix problems -- they identify the future results they desire and create solutions to achieve it. And they implement them rapidly and effectively. Yet, in spite of this, Fortune reports that only 10% of strategies are effectively implemented.

    Peak Performance Consulting Group? works with you to develop and implement focused strategies to improve your competitive position – and your bottom line. We assist through all phases of the project, including implementation, progress monitoring and staff communication.

    We help you and your team create your model for success (both financial and non-financial). Then, through a unique process of "rolling back the future" we help you identify the action steps and resource requirements necessary to achieve your goals. We help you establish tracking and monitoring. Finally, we help you communicate your plan to stakeholders, including Board of Directors, shareholders, investment analysts, senior management, and employee staff.

    Typical strategic planning engagements include:

    • Conducted strategic planning review and drafted annual plan for major division of "Top 10" US bank
    • Led senior management offsite and developed departmental implementation plans for leading regional bank
    • Led management offsite planning sessions and facilitated management/Board retreat for $500 million community bank
    • Facilitated management and director planning session and developed strategic plan for $60 million community bank

    Call us at 512-607-6332 to see how we can help you develop and implement effective, results-driven, strategic plans.


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