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    What We Do

    We Help Make Your Branches and Distribution More Successful

    We help clients find the most effective distribution to reach the right customers. This includes our unique BankPower® process for customer demand, channel use and branch location modeling to optimize distribution.

    • Finding the right mix between branches, call centers, ATMs and stand-alone loan production offices
    • Evaluating growth potential of existing branches
    • Improving capital allocation
    • Picking the right sites for new branches
    • Developing and implementing highly effective sales and marketing strategies that capture your market potential


    We Help You Improve Organizational Productivity

    We are experts at process improvement. We'll help you find the most efficient process to deliver your services -- the right process with the right number of people with the right skills at the right time to do the work needed. But we are always mindful that the goal of process improvement is not just cost improvement, but also improved customer satisfaction.

    • Process flow and productivity enhancement
    • Customer demand forecasting
    • Staff scheduling
    • Improving customer satisfaction


    We Help You Offer the Right Products and the Right Price

    Our work has included all aspects of consumer and business loan and deposit products.

    • Market and customer segmentation analysis for consumer and business products
    • Product development
    • Pricing and competitive analysis
    • Providing product managers who can work as an extension of your marketing department


    We Help You Develop and Implement Successful Strategic Plans

    We work with you to facilitate strategic planning sessions and develop strategic plans that meet internal and regulatory requirements.

    • Helping you develop creative solutions to strategic challenges
    • Facilitating strategic planning sessions with management and Board
    • Drafting plan documents and Board presentations
    • Providing on-going assessments of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
    • Providing expert implementation resources to supplement your team


    We Commit to Delivering Great Results

    Great results don't just happen. We work with you to develop practical solutions to your business challenges and help you achieve sustainable results that move your business forward. We avoid the most common reasons programs fail, such as over-engineered solutions that are difficult to implement or poor linkage between strategy and daily activities. We implement a continuous Rapid Test program to insure our recommendations will deliver what they promise.



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